The following Rules have been put in place to hopefully ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Please take time to read them so that there are no misunderstandings. (They are also included on the Booking form in pdf file format so can be printed out if required).

1. 6 MPH on site – anyone speeding or driving dangerously or carelessly may be evicted from the show.
2. Driving on site is solely for entry and exit purposes and should be kept to a minimum. Between the hours of 22:00 and 8:30 hours vehicular movement, entry and exit will be restricted to emergencies only.
3. No mopeds, go-peds, monkey bikes etc to be used on site.
4. Noise curfew at midnight
5. No unauthorised sound systems at any time and these will be subject to confiscation.
6. Any disorderly behaviour which affects the enjoyment of others or compromises the integrity of the show will result in ejection from the show and possible police involvement.
7. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on leads while on site. Cleaning up is the responsibility of the owner/walker.
8. VolksPower reserve the right to refuse admission
9. The grass is the heart of the rugby club and that should be respected. Anybody found to be wilfully damaging the grass/ground or having ground fires will be evicted from the show and subject to prosecution.
10. Barbecues are allowed as long as they are off the floor but no open fires.
11. No fireworks.
12. Look after your valuables and property – they are your responsibility.

13. Please use the bins on site and the bag handed to you on
arrival - A tidy site is a happy site!
14. No unauthorised traders
– Contact the organisers to arrange trading/auto-jumble etc.
15. VolksPower reserve the right to alter the format of the show/cancel or add events at any time.
16. No under 16s unless a fee paying adult is also at the event. Children are the responsibility of their parents – VolksPower offers no childcare facilities.
17. Refunds will only be given should the event be cancelled.
18. Do not park up close and personal to your neighbour.
It may be cosy but it’s also a significant fire risk. Leave a sensible distance between units – a minimum of 3 metres is recommended.
19. Last entry for camping will be 22:00 hours.
20. Access gates will be closed 15 minutes after the conclusion of the entertainment in the marquee. They will not be open again until 08:30 hours unless in the case of an emergency.
21. The laws in place for smoking will apply in the usual way including the marquee and enclosed places at the show.
This is the law.
22. In the course of the weekend VolksPower may take photographs/video recordings of the event and unless expressly stated to the contrary it is assumed that the consent of show goers is granted to their images being used. The images recorded may be used by Volkspower for the purposes of promoting the event. Likewise, any photographs/recordings taken at Volkspower by entrants to the show and published on public forums and Facebook will be taken as being for the use of Volkspower for the purposes of promoting the event unless expressly prohibited by the individual.

Finally and the most important rule
- chill out and have a good time!

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